Hand Care For summer/ DIY Scrub for soft Hands

Hello my lovely Beautiful ladies!!! How are you all...hope you all are doing great. today i came up with very useful tips and DIY for beautiful and smooth skin. our hand is the most neglected part of our body, sometime we don't have enough time to pamper our hand and nails,which turn our hands into dull and lifeless. Summer is a season which is very hard lead the day in the hot sun. This season is really hard for the hands, legs, face and hair. 

so today i will share with you all some remedies, some DIY tips, and tricks for soft and healthy looking hand. 

Sunscreen ( your favorite Brand) 
in India summer season is getting worst year by year,UV rays are very harmful for human bodies. so for this get habit of applying sunscreen lotion to the hands and even to other parts which will be exposed to the sun. make sure you will apply generous amount of the sunscreen at least 1/2 hour before leaving the house.

use scrub regularly for your hands to exfoliate your skin. this will help to remove dead skin. you make your own DIY scrub at home, for this all you need is:
  • sugar- 2-3 spoon
  • oil ( live/coconut)- 2 teaspoon
  • lemon juice- half lemon
  • cooking soda (1/2 teaspoon)

mix all the ingredients well, and apply this to your hand and massage gently for 5-6 minute at least and wash it off with warm water. after doing this your hands get smooth, lemon works as natural bleech which remove tan from your hand, sugar is a  great exfoliator ,soda works wonder for skin. and oil makes your hand nourish. 

always apply moisturize to your hand never ever skip this step. you can use hand cream of your choice. at night apply thick cream or petroleum jelly or any oil based cream that soaks easily while you sleep.

Hand massage helps in the circulation of the blood and makes the muscles relaxed. This helps in relax aches and pains. They are different type of massages like palm massage, finger massage and stimulating massage.

i hope this tips and tricks help you!!! please comment you like my post.

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