Winter Skin Care Routine for Healthy Beautifl Skin

Winter... we all love this season.there is something magical about this season, my most favorite time of year, where everything is just warm and cozy. all I want is a cup of Hot chocolate!!!

 Apart from its magical and cozy feeling, Winter can be tough on all of us. Especially this time of the year we all spent a little more time to sun, sometimes we avoid using water( lazy girls like me )  ☺☺☺

Our skin needs a little extra care at this point. I prefer using natural homemade skin care products such as oil, face mask, Ubtan, basically natural and more effective ingredients which will help my skin to glow from inside out.

Here are the few very simple tricks which will help you to achieve and maintain your natural skin glow. For healthier looking skin drink at least 7 to 8 glasses of water. I know it must be hard to drink 8 glasses of water in winter, but believe me, in winter our body need more hydration, due to more sun exposure and dryness not only our skin need extra hydration but body needs also.

  • Use mild face wash to clean your face.
  • Use body wash for shower.
  • Use oil instead of makeup remover to remove your makeup.
  • Do not wash your face unnecessarily.
  • Apply sufficient amount of moisturizer immediately after bath, because that is the time when your body absorb more moisture.
  • use olive oil for face, it works wonder to your skin believe me.
  • castor oil is magical of for your eyelashes and eyebrows.
  • use vaseline for dry elbow and knee
  • give your hair a hot oil massage once a week at least. 


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